Happy Holidays from Y Combinator! Here’s a collection of products and services from 100+ of our portfolio companies.

  • Beauty & Fashion

    Help your loved one meet their #hairgoals

    Function of Beauty makes haircare products customized to your exact specifications - everything from your hair type to your fragrance preference is accounted for in the formulation. Each bottle is personalized with your loved one's name, making for a sweet personal touch.


    Click above for $5 off any set or gift card

    Date perfumes before marrying them

    ScentBird delivers a 30-day luxury or niche fragrance to the scenthound on your list, whether a lady or a gent. They also have gift subscriptions and gift sets including a special holiday set that includes 3 captivating scents.


    Check out Scentbird's new makeup subscription service called Deck of Scarlet, which provides all the makeup you need for multiple looks.

    Give a perfectly-fitted shirt

    Never give the wrong- sized clothing again! MTailor scans your body using your phone in less than 30 seconds to fit you for a custom-fitted shirt starting at just $69. As Buzzfeed said, "It works really, really well."

    The gift of endless style

    Give the gift of an infinite closet with a Le Tote gift subscription for its clothing and accessory rental service. Their maternity line is a great option for any expecting mom on your list!

    Korean beauty... delivered

    Memebox delivers the best Korean beauty and skincare products to your door, and they're currently offering specially- curated boxes for winter.

    Last-minute blowouts at over 300 top salons

    Give the gift of great hair. Vive is an on-demand beauty concierge that makes looking fantastic easy and accessible. They offer blowout subscriptions at the best salons in New York, Chicago, & LA with some plans starting as low as $30 per service.


    $30 off any subscription with promo code YC30

    Modern, handcrafted luxury shoes

    Markhor makes handcrafted luxury leather shoes for men and women starting at $120. By eliminating the middlemen that drive up prices for luxury brands, Markhor is able to pass a bigger portion of their proceeds directly to its master craftsmen.


    15% off with the promo code YC15

    Authentic designer resale

    Perfect tor the luxury lover on your list, Lollipuff is the only auction site that prescreens for authenticity on apparel and accessories from brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin and more.

    90-minute authentic, limited-edition sneaker auctions

    FLIP will satisfy the sneakerhead on anyone's list. With FLIP, they'll be instantly notified that their favorite sneaker is listed for sale so they can purchase, pay, and rest easy knowing their new Yeezys are on their way.


    $50 off when you email team@justflip.com after purchase and reference this deal

  • For Family

    The gift of travel

    Airbnb has gift cards so you can provide the gifts of adventure and global experience to anyone on your list.

    Uber for seniors

    With a Go Go gift card, your grandparents can book Uber with a phone call and safely get around town. Every trip is managed by a Professional Grandchild who oversees rides, communicates with the driver, and ensures that your family can focus on loving rather than worrying.

    Small-group enrichment for kids​

    Outschool offers amazingly enriching small-group classes for kids with masterful teachers. In Outschool classes, kids are transported to Ancient Egypt, Russia, or the US Congress for the afternoon, they'll analyze girl power in theology and folklore, or they'll break down exactly what makes a hero super.


    For $10 off your enrollment, email support@outschool.com when you book with code YC16

    Nationwide flowers and holiday gifts

    BloomThat has everything yule need for the holiday gifting season with beautifully-curated blooms, sweet treats, and gift baskets on offer. Their nationwide next-day flower delivery service is a great option should your first gift selection inadvertently put you in the doghouse.

    Making it easy to record family stories

    StoryWorth makes it easy to record and share family stories by prompting your family members to answer questions each week, and then compiling the responses along with photos in a beautifully printed book. StoryWorth is a wonderful conversation starter when the family comes together for the holidays.

    Investment advisory for retirees

    For the retired people in your life, give the gift of better saving and spending with True Link's Financial Advisors. True Link is a diversified financial services firm offering a range of money management, investment, and insurance products for retirees.

    Teach teens computer science via Instagram & Snapchat

    Vidcode is the most engaging CS curriculum for tweens and teens because they teach through an adolescent's preferred medium: Instagram, Snapchat, and VR. Your teen's creativity will flourish through the gift of code.


    50% discount on an annual subscription with promo code YC16

    Hire the best video creators for your projects

    Videopixie transforms that folder of video files on your hard drive into the perfect keepsake gift. Videopixie serves up a professional video editor, animator, or director for your wedding video footage or a baby's first year, for example, and will create a professional, beloved video you can watch forever.


    High quality veterinary care via housecalls

    If your pet falls ill this winter, schedule a veterinary home visit with Vetpronto and your furson or daughter will receive the highest quality medical care from the comfort of their doggy bed.


    $50 off a housecall with promo code YC50

  • Food & Cooking

    Cook sous vide with the world's best chefs

    Nomiku is spilling the beans on every top chef's top secret to great food: sous vide! They've created a wifi-enabled immersion circulator called the Nomiku so every home chef can prepare simple, Michelin-starred meals.


    $50 off with promo code YCNOMS2016

    The best gourmet food and gifts delivered nationwide

    Goldbely delivers specialty foods from some of the best-loved restaurants and markets around the U.S, in the form of gifts, gift cards, or subscriptions (!!). Send pizza from NY, ribs from St. Louis, or a macaron-a-month box from New Orleans to the foodie on your list.

    Smart home gardens that grow fresh food

    One thing your family won't argue about this holiday season is the fact that food tastes better with fresh herbs and produce. With Click & Grow, you can grow a veggie, herb, or flower garden in a convenient countertop device that automates all the tending. Their newest product is the Wall Farm, which will essentially convert your apartment into a mini vegetable ranch. Giddyup!


    25% off the Smart Garden collection with promo code YC15

    A whiskey club for explorers at heart

    Santa brings toys for the kids and Flaviar brings whisky (and gin, and rum!) for the parents! Flaviar sends a monthly tasting box of high-end craft spirits to the discerning tippler on your list.


    Skip their waitlist by using this link: https://flaviar.com/exclusive

    Gourmet dinner kits for 10-minute meals with one pan

    Gobble delivers all the ingredients you need to make a gourmet home-cooked dinner in ten minutes with a single pan. What could make life any easier for the busiest friend on your gift list?

    Fresh-roasted coffee on delivery

    Craft Coffee is a subscription service that delivers gourmet coffee each month, personally tailored to each customer's preferences. A thoughtful gift for any coffee enthusiast!


    10% off any new coffee plan with promo code YC2016

    Customized meal plans, delivered to your door

    Gluten free, dairy free, paleo, vegan? Perfect for the friend trying to eat well or lose weight, a PlateJoy subscription buys them six months of perfectly-calibrated meal planning with custom recipes, shopping lists, and grocery delivery.

    An intelligent frying pan

    Pantelligent is a magical, smartphone-connected pan embedded with a sensor that optimizes your cooking time and temperature, taking the guesswork out of your meals. It's a great gift for someone who loves to cook (or who can't seem to get their recipes quite right)!

  • Gadgets

    The ultimate electric skateboard

    Boosted builds powerful electric skateboards that are thrilling to ride and perfect for the last mile of your commute.

    A smart bed for a better night's sleep

    Eight's Sleep Tracker keeps minute detail of your nightly repose, providing data each morning on the length and depth of your rest to ensure you get the best-possible night's sleep. One of the nicest features is being able to preheat your bed from the app, which means crawling into a toasty warm bed every night.


    20% off with promo code YCGIFT

    Connect your car to the rest of your digital life

    The Automatic app connects to your car and displays the details of every trip. It offers useful features like engine diagnostics, emergency crash response from a live human, and extensions for Apple Watch and Pebble that allow you to automagically control your home's Hue or Nest based off your physical proximity to it.

    Play with your pet remotely

    Petcube is on a mission to improve lives of pets and pet owners using technology. Their Petcube Camera keeps you connected to your pets, allowing you to watch, talk and play with your furry friends remotely through a built-in laser toy.


    $25 off a camera with promo code YCFAMILY

    A safer, easier, and more enjoyable bike commute

    Vanhawks is a smart, carbon fiber commuting bike with built-in smart navigation and lights so that you can remain visible on the fastest route with no distraction. Every ride records fitness data so you can track your health metrics, and road surface data so you don't overjiggle yourself more than once on your commute.


    Starting at $1299​

    The simplest way to repair iPhones, anytime, anywhere

    iCracked's DIY Repair Kit is a present that will surely come in handy for any butterfingers on your list. Each kit contains the necessary tools, step-by-step instructions, and replacement parts to make a busted iPhone look new again.

    Try consumer electronics before you buy

    Lumoid lets you rent and buy the newest gadgets, from cameras to lenses to drones to wearables. A one-size-fits all gift for anyone who likes cool stuff!

    The loudest battery-powered speaker on the market

    SOUNDBOKS is the silver bullet to throwing holiday hoedowns any time, anywhere. Their weatherproof, suitcase-style speaker lasts for 30 hours at high volume and means you can keep the Kelly Clarkson Christmas album on blast (thank god).


    Get 10% off with promo code YCGIFT17

    The world's smartest, stabilizing action camera

    No more shaky footage or hours of editing to cut out the blur. The Revl Arc is a shock-proof, shake-proof, dirt-proof, and water-proof camera that will please the sports buff on your list.

    The swiss army knife of food vending

    Looking to bestow economic transformation upon the budding entrepreneur in your life? Wheelys is a solar-powered, full- service café on wheels that will allow your loved one to set up their own shop anywhere in the world.


    For 10% off, email santa@wheelyscafe.com with promo code YC2016

  • Gifts for Better Health

    Beautiful, smart jewelry

    Empower your body with the world's smartest piece of jewelry. The Leaf is a sleep, activity, and reproductive health monitor that helps you cope with stress through built-in breathing exercises.

    5-minute meditations

    Simple Habit serves up 5-minute meditation lessons designed specifically for busy folks on the go. Nudge someone you love to slow down and take a breath with a Simple Habit VIP gift subscription.

    Hassle-free birth control

    NURX is perfect for loved ones whose new year goal is to take control of their reproductive health. NURX prescribes and delivers birth control, emergency contraceptives, or Truvada for PrEP straight to your door.

    A personalized, timed release daily supplement

    Multiply Labs combines multiple supplements into a single daily pill so the hassle of downing multiple pills at various times throughout the day is now obsolete! These are the world's first timed-release tablet so the happy recipient is also provided with vitamins or a boost of energy in the moments they need them most.


    25% off personalized pills

    Revolutionizing periods by replacing the tampon

    A monthly subscription to The Flex Company will make a relieving gift for any ladies on your gift list who suffer from menstrual bloating, cramping, or leaking. Flex is revolutionizing periods with a better, safer, cleaner alternative to tampons and what's more, mess-free period sex is a delightful side benefit.


    Free 8 count FLEX when you get a FLEX Plan (pay just $3.95 shipping)

    Push button, get cannabis

    Meadow is a one-stop shop for cannabis - great for anyone on your gift list who's struggling with medical symptoms that cannabis can soothe. Meadow offers one-hour cannabis delivery from local dispensaries, confidential medical cannabis evaluations, and a ton of great educational resources if you'd like to learn more.

    Sequence your microbiome

    The world’s first effort to map the human microbiome with citizen science. uBiome's sample kit contains everything you need to learn how your bacteria change in response to diet, exercise, and lifestyle factors. A great way to kick off the New Year with a health-conscious start!


    50% off products with promo code YCHOLIDAY2016

    Your medical record concierge

    Give the gift of a consolidated medical history. PicnicHealth collects and manages your loved ones medical records so they can focus on what's important should the season bring tidings of ill health.

  • Home & Decor

    Replace your keys with your smartphone

    With Lockitron, you're able to lock and unlock your front door from the comfort of your smart phone to make sure Santa goes down the chimney like he's supposed to. Lockitron Bolt starts at $99 and is now shipping within the United States.


    Use promo code YCMYLOCK for $10 off

    Shop the world's best small boutiques online

    Shoptiques carries unique products from the world's best local boutiques. Their home and gifts section has lots of one-of-a-kind items that make for thoughtful presents, and their online gift-finding guide makes it easy to stumble upon the perfectly curated gift.


    10% off any purchase with promo code HOLIDAY2016

    A couch designed with you in mind​

    Sink into the most clever, comfortable couch, designed for your life as well as your living room. This couch has built-in USB and power plugs so you can binge on Netflix in comfort, and the spill-proof fabric, tool-free assembly, and free shipping mean set up is a breeze.


    $150 off with promo code YCFAMILY

    Online custom framing

    Take any special memory or passion and bring it to life inside a beautiful, handcrafted Level frame. From framed photos to vinyl records, Level creates thoughtful, personalized gifts designed to last a lifetime.

    Smart luggage

    Bluesmart is the world's first smart suitcase. It has a smart lock, a portal to charge any device, and location- tracking technology so neither you nor the airlines can ever ever lose it. A great present for a frequent, connected flyer.


    $100 off with promo code YCGIFT

    From photo to painting

    Upload a photo to Instapainting and a master artist will turn it into a hand-painted masterpiece in less than three weeks. A perfect way to give family photos a timeless feel!


    6% of your purchase will be donated to someone's medical treatment through Watsi, plus free global shipping on sizes greater than 12"x12"

    In-home tech help

    Say goodbye to your role as your family's personal IT! Techmate provides your loved ones with personalized in-home setup, repair, and training for any internet-enabled or smarthome device.


    $20 off an appointment with promo code YCHOLIDAZED

    Order branded supplies in seconds

    Lumi turns any graphic into a beautiful branded story - a rubber stamp, silk screen, tape, or packaging supplies allow you to add a personal touch to any item. A great gift, especially for the crafty people on your list.

  • Services & Subscriptions

    Groceries delivered from your favorite local stores


    Instacart deliveries groceries to your doorstep in as little as one hour, which is perfect when you need a few extra bottles of wine for a party, realize you've forgotten that one key ingredient for dinner, or simply don't have enough time to shop.


    Your first delivery is free​

    Gas delivered to you

    Yoshi brings the gas station to your gift recipient, refueling their car regularly wherever it's parked. Any commuters on your list will thank you for removing the hassle of the gas station from their lives forever.

    A personalized supercomputer in the cloud

    Sixa is making the PC obsolete by replacing it with a cloud-based supercomputer specifically for developers, designers, and gamers. Their monthly subscription is an especially good gift for any VR buffs on your list, as Sixa's tech specs handily support VR's meaty software requirements.

    Wedding planning made easy

    Joy is a one-stop shop for personalized wedding planning from engagement to honeymoon and everything in between. Joy is a great option for any newly-engaged friends on your gift list.

    Helping you thrive in your dream career

    Is someone you care about stuck in a career rut, dealing with an endless job search, or in need of a little inspiration in order to move forward? Give the gift of career coaching from The Muse to help with resumes, job search strategy, or general career consultation.

    The best way to learn a language

    The perfect gift card for travelers and self-improvement enthusiasts, a Verbling gift card allows the recipient to choose from thousands of teachers across 38 languages so they can say learn to say "thank you" with ease.

    Wine by the glass. Delivered.

    VINEBOX is a premium wine club that allows you to discover limited-production wines by the glass. Every month their obsessed sommeliers hand-select three pours and send them straight to your gift recipient's door.


    10% off with promo code YC10

    Exclusive access to the best luxury suites

    Book a suite for New Year's Eve using Suiteness so your group can stay together knowing you're in the best possible accommodation. Suiteness has hand-picked the world's finest luxury hotel suites, and their concierge team will ensure that your experience is unforgettable.

    Learn to code online in 30 Days

    One Month's affordable online bootcamps teach people how to code, build apps, and grow a business in just one month. Enroll your colleagues, your friends, or your family in the JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Rails or HTML course to kickstart their passion for coding.


    Take 25% off any one bootcamp with this link: http://www1.onemonth.com/cyber16

    Stay charged everywhere you go

    Doblet solves the phone battery problem by providing on-demand phone charging at bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, festivals, and events.

    Professional photography on demand

    In just a few minutes, you can hire a professional photographer from Pretty Instant to capture scenes from your company holiday party or baby's first gift unwrapping, or to take family portraits for this year's holiday cards.


    10% off all photography services of 1.5 hrs or more

    Job applications simplified

    Mentat's personalized job search and applications service can help a job-seeker in your life unwrap a new job without doing a thing. Mentat will rewrite their application documents, prepare a curated jobs list, and apply to jobs on their behalf, so they can save time and get back to creating special memories with you.


    15% off through 12/31/16 with promo code YCGIFT15

  • Pre-Orders

    A premium, sustainable shower

    A totally new kind of showerhead that provides a better shower using 70% less water, Nebia is a gift that's both beautifully designed and eco-friendly.


    Shipping in early 2017.

    Zero-energy smart homes

    What could be better than gifting your family a home in the new year? Acre has reimagined homes from the ground-up by assuming sustainability, so every element of their home is 20-80% more efficient than a typical construction.


    Lock in 2016 pricing for homes built in 2017 by scheduling a consultation call and mentioning the YC gift guide

    A smart oven + meal service

    Gifting Tovala means gifting delicious, piping-hot meals to your loved ones all year long. Their smart countertop oven bakes chef-prepared, home-delivered meals using steam at the touch of a button.


    Shipping in March 2017. Preorder now for just $289 (before the price jumps to $399 next spring)

    A high-impact speaker you control with your voice

    Whyd is a beautifully designed voice-controlled speaker that delivers crystal clear sound with dramatic bass and works with all your favorite music apps right out of the box.


    Shipping in early 2017. Preorder now and take $200 off.

    Learn to play the guitar in minutes

    Designed by a Juilliard-trained musician, this digital guitar brilliantly mixes technology and tradition and allows anyone to learn how to play the guitar in minutes.


    Shipping in early 2017. Get $50 off a Guitar with promo code BLACKFRIDAY

  • YC Nonprofit Donations

    Healthcare for people across the world

    Watsi finds individuals around the world who need medical treatment. With a Watsi gift card, you'll purchase a donation credit for your friends or family that gives them the opportunity to choose a patient to support. 100% of this gift goes to healthcare and your donation is tax-deductible.

    Unlock social services for low-income Americans

    This stocking stuffer will pack a punch! A $14 donation to mRelief unlocks over $3,000 of social services for a low-income family in Chicago - money that would otherwise go unspent.

    Kiva without the middleman

    Zidisha is a person-to-person microlending movement. Your gift card recipient chooses projects in developing countries to fund, then receives updates from the entrepreneurs as they make progress on their dreams (and repay your loan). A $50 donation to Zidisha funds $750 worth of loan projects over five years.

    Build safe homes so communities can thrive

    New Story is dedicated to helping Haitians write a more optimistic story of their life. 100% of your donation will go to home construction, and the New Story team will send a hand-written note so your loved one knows you honored them with a gift that matters.

    Revolutionizing how the poor access resources

    Donate in support of One Degree and you'll provide greater access to resources and a path out of poverty to your neighbors in the Bay Area who are struggling.

    Recycle unopened, unexpired medication

    A donation (of time, money, expertise, or medication) to SIRUM helps safety-net clinics provide unused, life-saving medication to patients who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it.

    Cash transfers that save lives

    New Incentives is the world’s first and only nonprofit dedicated to conditional cash transfers. They give poor women with HIV in rural West Africa a small stipend as long as they deliver their baby at a health clinic and receive necessary medication. Your donation goes directly into the stipend so women across the world will begin viewing their health as a smart investment rather than a luxury.


    Creating the developers of the future

    CodeNow diversifies the talent pipeline of students pursuing computer science and technology. They lower the barriers associated with tech by exposing students to programming at a tender age, meaning kids get to explore a wide range of options and opportunities otherwise closed to them.