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  • Happy Holidays from Y Combinator! Looking for an out-of-the-ordinary, last-minute Christmas gift? We've selected some of the hottest products, services, and non-profits from 60 of our portfolio companies for this giving season.

  • Donations

  • holidays.newstorycharity.org

    New Story

    New Story Charity builds homes for people in need. The non-profit is currently offering holiday gift cards that they'll send along with a hand-written note. A great way to send a gift that matters.

  • sirum.org


    Sirum connects unopened, unexpired medications to patients in need. Use the holiday time off to clean our your medicine cabinet and pitch in, or donate money to this non-profit organization.

  • sunfarmer.org


    Give the Gift of Light. SunFarmer is a non-profit that provides high quality, low cost solar panels to places in need. Gift cards that you buy today will help pay for power at a hospital, school, or farm in post-earthquake Nepal.

  • watsi.org


    Watsi.org is a non-profit organization that finds individuals from across the world who need medical treatment. You can pick which patient to donate to. Even better, they allow you to buy gift cards, so your loved ones can choose a patient to donate to.

  • zidisha.org


    Zidisha, a non-profit that's built a person-to-person microlending platform, offers holiday gift cards. A gift that can make a big difference.

  • Beauty

  • vimeo.com

    Function of Beauty

    Function of Beauty makes haircare products customized to your exact specifications -- everything from hair type to fragrance preferences. Each bottle can be personalized with the customer's name, making for a sweet personal touch.

  • us.memebox.com


    Memebox delivers the best of Korean beauty and skincare products to your door -- and is currently offering special curated boxes for winter.

  • scentbird.com


    ScentBird delivers monthly fragrance subscriptions for women and men. The company is currently offering special holiday sets that include three fragrance samples along with a 1 month subscription.

  • stylebee.com


    Stylebee sends beauty professionals straight to your door -- providing services like blowouts, makeup application, and hairstyling on-demand, right in your home or office. Great for special occasions and ladies' nights out.

  • vive.co


    Vive is an on-demand beauty concierge that makes looking good easy and accessible. Gift cards for blowouts at the best salons in New York & Chicago, starting at $65 per month

  • Fashion

  • airgoat.com


    GOAT is the safest way to buy and sell sneakers. Whether you’re looking to buy rare Nikes or the highly sought after Yeezy Boosts, GOAT has a sneaker for everyone on your list.

  • letote.com

    Le Tote

    Le Tote offers gift subscriptions to its clothing and accessory rental service. Its recently-launched maternity line is a great option for expecting moms on your list!

  • themarkhor.com


    Markhor makes handcrafted luxury leather shoes for men and women starting at $120. By eliminating the middlemen that drive up prices for most mainstream luxury apparel brands, Markhor is able to pass a bigger portion of the price of each pair directly to its craftsmen.

  • Lollipuff

    For the luxury lover, Lollipuff is an auction site that pre-screens for authenticity on apparel and accessories from brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin and more.

  • mtailor.com


    MTailor scans your body using only your iPhone or iPad and fits you for a custom-fitting shirt, starting at just $69. As Buzzfeed said, "It works really, really well."

  • Food & Cooking

  • craftcoffee.com

    Craft Coffee

    Craft Coffee is a subscription service that delivers gourmet coffee each month, personally tailored to each customer's preferences. A thoughtful gift for a coffee buff!

  • flaviar.com


    Santa brings toys, Flaviar brings whisky (and gin, and rum!). Flaviar will send a tasting box each month of high-end craft spirits to the discerning tippler on your list.

  • gobble.com


    Gobble delivers all the ingredients you need to make a gourmet home-cooked dinner in 10 minutes, with 1 pan. A gift that will keep giving for a busy couple or family!

  • goldbely.com


    Goldbely delivers specialty foods from some of the best-loved restaurants and markets around the U.S. Send cupcakes from NYC or macarons from New Orleans to the foodie on your list.

  • grubmarket.com


    GrubMarket is a "farm to fridge" marketplace with fresh, local food at affordable prices. Check out their holiday marketplace for items like smoked holiday ham and organic candy canes!

  • gift.platejoy.com


    Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Paleo, Vegan? Give the gift of health. Perfect for the friend trying to eat well or lose weight, a PlateJoy subscription buys them six months of personalized meal planning with custom grocery lists and recipes. 

  • Gadgets

  • automatic.com


    The Automatic app connects to the Automatic car adapter over Bluetooth and displays the details of every trip. The app offers features that every driver should have, like engine code diagnostics, emergency crash response from a live representative, a web app for desktop where you can review your data, and extensions for Apple Watch and Pebble.

  • boostedboards.com

    Boosted Boards

    Boosted builds powerful electric skateboards that are thrilling to ride and perfect for the last mile of your commute. 

  • us.clickandgrow.com

    Click & Grow

    Click & Grow is a foolproof system that lets you grow herbs on your countertop with almost no effort. A great gift for anyone -- no greenthumbs required!

  • Coin

    Coin is a secure, connected device that can hold and behave like the cards you already carry. A single Coin can help lighten your wallet by consolidating your debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, and membership cards. Multiple accounts and information - all in one place.

  • shop.icracked.com


    iCracked's iPhone 6 Screen Replacement DIY Repair Kit is a present that will surely come in handy for someone on your list. Each kit contains the necessary tools, step-by-step instructions, and replacement parts to make a busted iPhone look new again.

  • lumoid.com


    Lumoid lets you rent and buy the newest gadgets, from cameras to lenses to wearables. A one-size-fits all gift for anyone who likes cool stuff!

  • myo.com


    The Myo armband is a gesture control device that lets you take control of your phone, computer, and so much more, touch-free.

  • pebble.com


    The Pebble Time Round is the world's thinnest and lightest smartwatch, and many Pebble models are 20% off just in time for the holidays! Great for the person on your list who wants to spend less time looking at their phone.

  • vanhawks.com


    The Vanhawks Valour is the safer, smarter and sexier solution for the urban commute. A sleek carbon fibre bicycle with built-in GPS and blindspot detection. Get on and get riding.

  • Health & Fitness

  • thisisl.com


    L. condoms are made from the highest grade materials on earth without the harmful additives. For every condom you purchase, one is distributed in a developing country in need.

  • bellabeat.com


    Track your sleep, log your period, analyze your breathing and monitor your activity with the LEAF. Empower your body with the world's smartest piece of jewelry.

  • lullysleep.com

    Lully Sleep Guardian

    Lully is a gadget that's the first non-medication solution that's been scientifically proven to prevent night terrors, which unfortunately affect an estimated 20% of all families.

  • PicnicHealth

    Give the gift of health. PicnicHealth collects and manages your loved ones medical records so they can focus on what's important. 

  • spire.io


    Your personal mindfulness coach Spire coaches you to a more calm, balanced state of mind. It tracks and improves your state of mind by allowing you to discover when you're stressed, where it happens, and what you were doing.

  • ubiome.com


    uBiome is the world’s first effort to map the human microbiome with citizen science. uBiome's sample kit contains everything you need to swab and submit your microbiome, and its website lets you compare your results to others. A great way to kick off the New Year with a health-conscious start!

  • Home & Decor

  • instapainting.com


    Upload a photo to Instapainting, and a real artist will turn it into a hand-painted oil painting. A perfect way to give family photos a timeless feel!

  • levelframes.com

    Level Frames

    Level's new "Vinyl" service lets you purchase your favorite new and classic albums and frames them for you in collector-quality displays.

  • vimeo.com


    Lumi turns any graphic into a customized rubber stamp or silk screen, so you can add a personal touch to any item! A great gift, especially for the crafty people on your list.

  • Move Loot

    Add a unique character to any home with affordable secondhand decor from Move Loot.

  • shoptiques.com


    Shoptiques carries unique products from the world's best local boutiques. Their home and gifts section has lots of one-of-a-kind items that make for thoughtful presents.

  • Services & Subscriptions

  • anylistapp.com


    The best way to create and share a grocery shopping list.

  • Doblet

    On-demand phone charging service at your favorite bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, festivals, and events.

  • dropbox.com


    Know someone who could benefit from all the space and amazing features of Dropbox Pro? Send them a year-long subscription for $99.00

  • themuse.com

    The Muse

    Is someone you care about stuck in a career rut, dealing with an endless job search, or in need of a little inspiration to move forward? Give the gift of career coaching from The Muse to help with resumes, job search strategy, or general career consultation.

  • onemonth.com

    One Month

    One Month is an online school for entrepreneurs, with lessons on how to code, build apps, and grow a business. They're having a holiday special on subscriptions!

  • videopixie.com


    Videopixie can turn that folder of video files on your hard drive into the perfect keepsake gift. Find a professional video editor for your vacation video, or a baby's first year. Whatever special event happened this year -- create a video you can watch forever.

  • Other Gift Ideas

  • airbnb.com


    Airbnb now has gift cards! A great present for all the travelers on your list.

  • bloomthat.com


    Everyone loves flowers. It's a gift that always fits. BloomThat has beautiful holiday arrangements with festive options such as mistletoe!

  • givemetap.co.uk


    GiveMeTap makes amazing reusable and recyclable beverage bottles with an extra bonus: Every GiveMeTap product you buy helps give a person in Africa clean drinking water for 5 years.

  • sparkgift.com


    SparkGift lets you gift stock holdings in investment vehicles such as mutual funds and companies such as Google and Tesla. A gift that will truly keep on giving. (You can even give fractional shares of your favorite stock, starting at $20.)

  • spoil.io


    Stumped on what to gift for someone special? Spoil connects you with a personal gift tailor that will provide great advice and unique gifts for any occasion.

  • storyworth.com


    StoryWorth makes it easy to record and share family stories and photos, bringing it all together in a beautifully printed book. A wonderful conversation starter during the holiday break when the family comes together.

  • Pre-Orders

  • bluesmart.com


    Bluesmart is the world's first "smart suitcase" -- it has a smart lock, a portal for charging any device, and location tracking technology so you never lose it. A great present for a frequent flyer.

  • cindercooks.myshopify.com


    Cinder is a smart countertop electric grill you can control from your smartphone that promises to make sure you never overcook a steak again. It's available for pre-order now and is shipping in late summer 2016.

  • eightsleep.com


    Eight is a smart bed cover that learns about you and improves and personalizes your sleep experience -- you can even program one side of the bed to be a different temperature than the other. Starting at $249, Eight is available now for pre-order and set to ship in April 2016.

  • lockitron.com


    The Lockitron Bolt is the next generation smart lock from Lockitron. The Bolt promises to be smaller, more elegant and more robust than the crowdfunded flagship product. A great gift to make any home smarter! Only available for pre-orders.

  • nebia.com


    A totally new kind of showerhead that provides a better shower experience using 70% less water, Nebia is a gift that's both beautifully designed and eco-friendly. Nebia is taking pre-orders now for delivery in summer 2016.

  • nomiku.com


    The world's first wifi-connected sous vide device. Brings top chefs and community into your kitchen with the Tender App Use Tender to create and send recipes directly to Nomiku. Only available for pre-orders. 

  • pantelligent.com


    Pantelligent is a "smart frying pan" embedded with a hidden sensor that optimizes your cooking time and temperature, taking the guesswork out of your meals. It's a great gift for anyone who loves to cook -- or who can't seem to get their recipes right!